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Civil Justice Law represents employees and consumers in lawsuits of all types, including individual lawsuits, complex litigation, class actions, arbitrations, and appeals. We help our clients stand up to corporations seeking to deny their rights through unfair business practices such as unpaid overtime, missed meal breaks, false advertising, and personal discrimination.

Our clients are hard-working men and women who know their jobs, know what’s fair, and know when something isn’t right. We trust their knowledge and sense of fairness. And in return, they trust us to be the ally at their side as they step forward to make their voices heard.

We work hard to get every one of our clients the justice they deserve. Call to speak with a Civil Justice attorney.

A staunch advocate for California
employees and consumers

Based in Los Angeles, Civil Justice Law serves employees and consumers throughout California. We have extensive experience in state, federal, and appellate court, and we have achieved successful results against corporations large and small in cities all over the state.

Our mission is a simple one: To safeguard the legal protections won by California's workers and consumers.

We only
take on
cases we
believe in.

This means you can count on a fiercely determined advocate who listens, who cares, and who is ready to fight hard for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Many of the rights we now enjoy were won by people who were willing to make great sacrifice. We don’t take their work for granted. In order to preserve these rights, Civil Justice Law goes the distance for each and every one of our clients.

Civil Justice attorneys have achieved successful results against companies by which other firms may be daunted. No employer or corporation can intimidate us.

The people of the United States have used collective action to win the eight hour work day, minimum wages, overtime wages, equal rights in the workplace, and many other important rights we enjoy today.

Through the civil justice system, workers and consumers have also forced corporations to change their practices and products to better protect the public.

Read our blog to keep up with how the laws continue to change and to learn more about how workers and consumers have fought for justice throughout the decades.

Attorney Referrals

Clients are often referred to us by colleagues who practice in different areas of the law, or who simply do not have the resources to take on class or representative actions on their own. We are equipped to take on cases at any stage in the adversarial process, whether a matter is in the vetting or investigation stage, in litigation, or already on appeal.

As with every relationship we develop, we adhere to standards of professional responsibility at every stage and comply with relevant fee-sharing ethical rules. Contact us if you’re interested in discussing a referral or co-counseling relationship. We can handle it.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” ~Alice Walker